Dar Al Hijrah Islamic Center Community Outreach

About the Dar Al Hijrah Islamic Center

Dar Al Hijrah Islamic Center is an institution dedicated to the betterment of Muslims and society at large. Dar Al Hijrah draws its strength and guidance from the Holy Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad, may the peace and blessing of Allah be bestowed upon him.


  • Serving the Muslim community and helping Muslims strengthen their faith and moral conduct.
  • Helping the Muslim community continue to be an effective contributor to the advancement of the Society.
  • Establishing strong relations with other faiths based on cooperation, tolerance, and mutual understanding in order to serve our communities.
  • Helping all individuals in our community to lead a healthy and productive family life that is free of drugs, crime, substance abuse and discrimination.


  • Conducting seminars, lectures, religious sermons, social activities, sports, and educational functions based on the divine teachings of Islam.
  • Organizing interfaith dialogues.
  • Exchanging visits with members of other faiths.
  • Offering religious education to 37 classes of Muslim students in weekend schools.
  • Performing the five daily prayers.
  • Performing Friday prayers during which Muslim men and women of all nationalities and ethnic backgrounds attend.
  • Celebrating the two Eids (major religious holidays) and conducting the prayers.
  • Many dignitaries (congressmen, county officials, diplomats, and scholars from different religions) visit the masjid (mosque) every year.
  • Dar Al Hijrah is an active member of McLean Clergy and Arlington Interfaith Council.
  • Dar Al Hijrah is an active member in the Interfaith Conference of Washington Metropolitan area.

Dar Al Hijrah was featured on a program called “The Congregation” and the clips can be seen here


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