Dar Al Hijrah Islamic Center Community Outreach

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Some came for the spicy chicken, others for the twisty balloons. But Maura Yasin came to send a message to the public officials and political candidates who turned out to mingle with members of Northern Virginia’s Muslim community yesterday. Read the rest of this entry »


Member of the Northern Virginia Muslim Community from the ADAMS Center, Muslim American Society and Dar Al Hijrah Islamic Center were in attendance at the NAACP Loudoun Chapter’s Freedom Fund Banquet. The NAACP has been known to have a long history in many urban areas, but not many know about the NAACP’s history of social justice and advocacy for equal rights in places like Loudoun County for over 65 years. We could not help but be impressed by the courage that NAACP Loudoun Chapter has shown over the decades and we were proud to be able to support this great legacy. Also, as a note, State Senator Larry Shaw of North Carolina, who happens to be Muslim, was also in attendance. A few pictures are below: