Dar Al Hijrah Islamic Center Community Outreach

MYDC Plants Trees with Fairfax ReLeaf

Posted on: November 14, 2007

With little or no experience in planting or gardening, 15 youth volunteered to plant trees with MAS Youth Give and Fairfax ReLeaf, a nonprofit organization with a mission to plant and preserve trees in Fairfax County. Volunteers met on Saturday, November 3rd with their gardening gloves and gallons of water, ready to add life to Idylwood Park in Falls Church, VA.

The event began with a short khatera (reminder) discussing the importance of caring for the environment and the role Muslims should play in this regard. Drawing on the motto of MAS Youth Give, “Serving the Creator by Serving His Creation”, the importance of giving back to all of creation, a term inclusive to  humans, animals, trees, insects and everything else in between, was emphasized. Kay Fowler, the Executive Director of Fairfax ReLeaf, welcomed the volunteers who came despite the chilly autumn weather, and spoke about the work her organization does and the importance of their involvement. MYG volunteers watched as she planted a sample seedling, and then got to work soon after; digging holes for the tree seedlings they were going to plant.

Within two hours, MYG volunteers dug, planted, patted, mulched, watered, and smiled at the 26 trees they were able to plant in a short amount of time. The work, while tiring, left the volunteers with an amazing feeling of giving back to the environment. In a few years or more, insha’Allah, the MYG volunteers will be able to return to the park to find that the oak and sassafras trees they planted have reached 100 feet in height, adding beauty not only to Idylwood Park, but to the environment as a whole.

MAS Youth of DC carries out various projects and activities that aim to give youth an opportunity to show their appreciation and dedication to their faith through comprehensive approaches by developing their spirituality, understanding, and overall character to become a beacon of light in our American society.


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